“The Four Hour Work Week” – Part 4

Part 4 – L is for Liberation

This is the final section of the book, and in some ways, the most boring. Possibly, because after reading the last 3 chapters you’re all revved up and wanting to get started on something; and this comes as a little bit of a downer.

Disappearing Act – How to Escape the Office

This chapter is useful if you’re still in a job, for inspiration. It has a number of tips and techniques for liberating yourself from the workplace so you’re free to do all the good stuff in Part 3. Fair enough, and some basic sales techniques are used to coerce your boss into letting you go for it.

Beyond Repair – Killing Your Job

What it says on the tin. How to quit, and motivation to do it, if things are really not working out.

Mini Retirements, Filling the Void, Top 13 NR Mistakes

Basically, summarised it is ‘Now you have all the time and money you need… what then?’. Tim thinks Travel, and Learning. Fair enough. In my humble opinion these chapters are boring (perhaps they’re supposed to be motivating?), simply because virtually none of the readers will be in the position to need this advice. However, there are more useful hints, tips, and links in here.

Summary of Part 4

Less useful than the previous Parts, in my opinion. More pontificating about philosophy. Presumably once you get to this point you don’t need the book anyway – so I’m not entirely sure what it is here for.

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